That's a lot of acronyms! This simple SDK wrapper allows you to easily interface with the Shopify API using PHP. The library has full composer support and is unit tested. The library includes the ability to work with "private" and "public" apps, as well as validating incoming webhook data. Some of the nice features include simple API methods to get products and shop info, easily paginate through resources, easily count resources, and a lot more.


This module allows users to integrate their Shopify online store with their existing Drupal site. Users can manage their store through Shopify's intuitive interface while using Drupal to display products. Users can add products to their cart in Drupal and then checkout using Shopify's checkout system.

Stripe API Drupal Module

This module allows developers to easily integrate with the Stripe API. This makes handling online payments easy and intuitive.

Menu Item Fields Drupal Module

This module allows admins to create fieldable menu items (by default there is no way to add fields to menu items in Drupal). This adds a lot of additional functionality to menus so that users can easily created mega-menu type menus.

Query UI (QUI) Drupal Module

This module allows site admins to create reports from site data using a simple interface that is a simple abstraction for SQL queries. DB admins will find the SQL-style interface familiar and easy to use, allowing them complete control over how the data is selected and displayed. The module makes it easy to create a simple API-style callback that can return JSON, CSV, and other common data formats.

Box View API Drupal Module

This module allows you to easily interact with the Box View API, which allows documents of various types to be displayed on the web in HTML5 format.

Box View PHP SDK

This simple PHP SDK was written to interact with the Box View API. I created it because (at the time), Box did not have an official PHP SDK. This SDK allows you to quickly and easily start uploading and viewing documents. Drupal Module

This module allows you to easily work with the Cache API and Message Queue service. This makes it easy to store and retrieve data from your cache bins in your Drupal site.