All About Keto

Hey there. I assume that if you've arrived at this page, you're interested in learning about Keto.

Maybe you want to lose some weight.
Maybe you want to heal or prevent diabetes.
Maybe you want to reduce your risk of cancer.
Maybe you want to reduce your risk of heart disease, fatty liver disease, tooth decay, gum issues, heart burn, dementia, Alzheimers, pancreatic issues, gallbladder issues, kidney issues, bowel issues, etc.. If you're surprised that sugar/carbs can cause all these ailments, you should read Sugar Crush by Richard Jacoby.
Maybe you just want to be a healthier person in general.

The fact is, going low-carb is a healthy diet for people of all shapes and sizes.
What most people don't realize is that even normal-weight people can be very unhealthy.
Obesity is only one symptom of an unhealthy diet.

The point of this page is to help answer some common questions and convince you that:

  1. A low-carb diet is the healthier way to live.
  2. A very low-carb diet is a healthy and very effective way to lose weight.
  3. A low-carb, high-fat diet is healthy. YES, fats are good for you.
  4. Sugar is a poison and should be avoided.
  5. Sugar has no nutritional value and not needed in your diet at all.
  6. In a low-carb diet, salt is not the enemy, it's a necessary electrolyte for you!
  7. Low-carb, high-fat diets yield a healthier intestinal flora. This means that your internal gut bacteria are happy. Happy gut is a happy life. Check out Brain Maker for information on how your entire body, including the brain can be negatively affected by a high-carb diet.
  8. Low-carb also means gluten-free. Nearly 1/3rd of the population is sensitive to gluten who don't have Celiac's Disease.
    Symptoms can range from headaches, arthritis, IBS, fast weight-change, bipolar, ADHD, and more.

NOTE: I link to several books, videos, and websites on this page. You should check them out. I alone cannot teach you everything there is to know about how the body works and why low-carb is the way to live a healthier life. If you want to take being healthy, and weight loss seriously, you must put time and effort into independent research. I would highly recommend talking with your doctor as well. I am not a doctor. I am, however, trying to help people out.

What is Keto?

Keto is the name given to an extremely low-carb, mid-protein, high-fat diet. The name "keto" comes from "ketones" which are produced by the liver to burn fat to create energy.


How Does Keto Work?

The process of ketosis is actually quite complex. However, Keto can simply be thought of as a way to get your body trained to burn fat. If you're like most Americans following the Western Diet (e.g. lots of carbs, sugars, processed foods, etc), then your body has been trained to use carbs as an energy source.

Unfortunately, you really don't want your body burning carbs (unless you're an athlete). You want your body burning fat. Fats provide a great source of energy for your body!

So how does keto help with burning body fat, and losing weight? Well, by eating a low-carb, high-fat diet, you train your body to burn fat. Your body won't be getting the excess sugar/carbs that it's used to, and so your body naturally shifts into the process of ketosis. Ketosis is when your body is producing ketones which it uses to directly convert fat into energy.

By getting your body into ketosis, when your body needs more energy, it will burn body fat, and lots of it.

Yes, you will be burning body fat when you sleep (in fact, that is the best time to burn body fat).


Wait, I Thought Fats Were Bad

Yea, and so did the rest of the world. It's one of the largest, most deadly, false campaigns that has ever been conceived. Worse than what the tobacco industry was doing.

For a detailed explanation, you should check out how corrupt the Sugar Industry really is (Pure, White and Deadly by John Yudkin).

To sum it up however: your body thrives on fats, and sugar is a poison.

Just think about it... What was Man eating for millions of years? Was he eating processed carbs, a lot of sugar? The answer is a big, and obvious "no". Humans have evolved over millions of years to eat a lot of fats, some protein, and the very rare carb/sugar.

Processed carbs and refined sugars are a recent invention of modern engineering and science. Unsurprisingly, the hugely devastating impact of the modern Western Diet has finally began to hit us.


Wait, Did You Really Just Call Sugar a Poison?


If you have 90 minutes to kill, you should check out Robert Lustig's talk about why sugar is a poison, including the evidence behind it.

This isn't a "crazy theory", it's science on how our body works.

To sum it up, however, Dr. Lustig goes on to show how our body treats sugar (much like a poison), and how it negatively effects us: obesity, fatty liver, diabetes, tooth decay, etc...

This point cannot be emphasized enough:
Sugar is a poison.
Fruit juice is a poison.
Soda is a poison.
Low-fat yogurt with added sugar is..... you guessed it - a poison.


Okay, So You're Nuts

Keep reading, it gets crazier.


What About Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is NOT the enemy. Yes, you can have "high" cholesterol and be healthy.

Why? Because having high cholesterol is not the problem. High cholesterol can show there's a problem with other factors, such as high triglycerides caused by a high-carb diet, which will lead to heart disease. However, cholesterol is a very important part of brain health.

To learn more about this, I would suggest Grain Brain by David Perlmutter.


This Sounds Different Than Everything I ThoughT I Knew About Nutrition


To get truly healthy, and begin to really understand nutrition, you must think outside the box, and do independent research.

Why? Because the system is corrupt.

The food and sugar industry control the media, and to a large extent, the government. Big Food and Big Sugar want Big Money. Big Pharma wants an unhealthy population (there's no money to be made with healthy people). The healthcare industry thrives on a sick and dying populace. The agriculture industry thrives on selling grains, and creating high-fructose corn syrup. Big money and corruption are killing people younger, and the sick are spending more money on healthcare than ever before.

Prepare your tinfoil hat, because this is the reality we live in.

I would suggest watching That Sugar Film and Sugar Coated.


What's the solution?

Well, going low-carb, and into a ketogenic state is a great, healthy way to lose weight.

I have personally lost over 100lbs on Keto. I feel better physically, mentally. I look better. I am healthier and happier in every way.


But Where Do I Start?

Great question!

Personally, I really like It's a great resource for getting started on Keto. They have a fantastic "getting started" guide to help newcomers, and a lot of tasty keto-recipes.

Keto is actually a very simple concept: cut out carbs, eat more proteins, and eat a lot more fats.

You can eat as much cheese, butter, and bacon that you want. Vegetables, nuts, and meats will be your main source of food.


How Long Does it Take to Start LOSING WEIGHT?

Your body will start getting into ketosis in the first week. During this first week, you're probably not going to feel great. This is because your body has been trained to burn carbs from energy and not fats. We ketoers call this the "keto flu". However...

Don't give up!

It will pass. You'll start to feel amazing, actually. After three to four weeks you'll probably lose about 15-20lbs. However, most of that weight is "water weight". That is, excess water and bodily waste your body will be getting rid of.

Once you're in full keto-mode, you can expect to burn 1-2lbs of body fat per week.

So, if you want to lose weight, think about how much you want to lose... To figure out how long it will take to get to your goal, use this calculation:

(start_weight - goal_weight - 15) / 1.5 = number_of_weeks_to_achieve_goal

So if we take a real-world example, let's say starting at 300lbs, with a goal weight of 200lbs...

(300 - 200 - 15) / 1.5 = 56 weeks

So after about 1 year of Keto, you will get to your goal weight.

Did I mention that this requires ZERO exercise to achieve your goals?


This Seems Impossible

You really can lose about 100lbs per year on Keto.
Keto is a diet that trains your body to burn body fat. Period.


What's a Typical Keto Meal?

Keto meals can be delicious and just as satisfying as "normal" food.

For breakfast, have a hamburger, or bacon, eggs, butter, creams... Don't drink juice! Have coffee with heavy cream, NO sugar.

For lunch, have some veggies with dip, beef jerky, salads, cheese... NO soda!

For dinner, you can have meat (steak, chicken, pork, ham, etc) and a vegetable-side. You could have tacos with a low-carb wrap. Spaghetti squash to emulate pasta. Stuffed peppers. Mushrooms.

For snacks you can have, you guessed it... Cheese! Meats! Veggies! And a lot of nuts! I personally like baked cheese. Just cook up some cheese in the oven until it crisps up... Add some spices... Delicious!


This Sounds Like a Huge Change!

You're right! Keto is a big change in your diet.

But it's worth it.

It's hard to get started with, but easy to stick with. Just remember, avoid carbs.

Also be aware that fiber doesn't count towards your total carb count. To figure out the NET carbs of a meal, take the total carbs and subtract the fiber carbs. Your body does not absorb fiber carbs.

You may be surprised just how many carbs/sugars are in the food you eat. You'll start to look closer at food labels and be shocked by what's in your food.


So What's Next?

I would suggest reading some of the books/websites I've linked to.

Watch the videos.

Check out Keto communities, such as /r/keto.

Also, feel free to chat with me about it. Have questions, comments, concerns? I've probably been through it all, and have looked into it all. I can try to help you out, I know Keto is hard. I know it seems crazy.

But, I know it works.