Fantastic Sams  -  view case study

I helped build a majority of the new FS website. Including all front-end JavaScript and CSS, salon search capabilities, setting up pages/menu/views/webforms/etc.

ETS Dynatrend  -  view case study

This was an existing D7 site. I created a fresh new design for the homepage and interior pages and then implemented the new responsive design. I created the user subscriptions system that allows users to purchase product subscriptions, which uses the Stripe API Drupal module.

135 List  -  view case study

Created the back-end REST API, site design and front-end coding, including using ReactJS as the view template system. Created site and application design, including responsive homepage concept.

YMCA of Greater Boston  -  view case study

Primary back-end coder. Converted old D6 modules to work with D7, including an API-based module for the program search section. Developed the Menu Item Fields module for this project to create "mega menu" functionality that could embed bean blocks. Created a dynamic program search feature utilizing the AJAX-enabled Form API.

Jurify (not live)

Created an advanced Solr-powered search system allowing lawyers to use a sophisticated, faceted, tiered search system to find M&A legal documents. Developed the Box View API Drupal module to embed documents directly into the system. Utilized Stripe JS library to allows users to purchase access to documents.

MyWell-Being (not original site)

Lead developer, created many back-end systems to integrate with various 3rd party services. Created a sophisticated block management system to display articles in various formats across the site. Created dozens of sidebar-style widgets that utilized a personalized recommendation system per user type.
Acquia awarded the site best partner site of 2013 for "Web Experience and Best in Show".


Developed site with internationalization and translation. Implemented a WEM (web engagement management) strategy to personalize content on the site based on user flow.


Lead developer of site. Created two API modules to pull movie showtimes data from parent site (